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What I want, whenever I come out of this long period of depression, is to have very little to regret. It'd be nice to say 'no regrets,' but this last weekend put an end to that. I can't do anything about the fact that I'm unable to rouse the energy to do creative things, or that everything is a great, exhausted struggle. But I am still in control of my choices.

     I don't want to be like the people who are so caught up in their own miseries they ignore everybody else, or think they have the corner on suffering. I don't want to act like other people's lives only matter when it suits my convenience--or my mood. Besides, giving is a type of comfort in itself.

     So, with all that blathering done, I am pleased to announce my accomplishment today: A trip to the post office after work, whereupon I mailed Pantha's birthday gift & card, and cards for Beth and Shanra.

     Yes...I, er, intended to have that all done some 2-3 weeks ago. Ahem. But with where I'm at, I'll just be pleased I got it done at all, however slow in the process.

     And with getting myself caught up this weekend on the many weeks' worth of money stuff I'd fallen behind last my 'to do' list isn't looking quite so daunting!
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