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Thanksgiving tomorrow!

     There was one more gift that I didn't mention in my t'DoL birthday post yesterday, and that was my scheduling a platelet donation for that evening, and I succeeded! It was great doing my seventh donation of the year on his birthday. I treated myself to some wonderful cheese enchiladas at Taco House beforehand, and brought Frogmouth along so I could spend my donation time reading 'The Great Wave' rather than watching a movie. It was wonderful.

     I was wowed by an amazing sunrise on the bus ride to work today, and since I was sitting on the sideways-facing seats with a view straight east most of the way, it was a splendid panorama to savor for nearly the entire ride.

     Some fun at work yesterday--part of my new job is scanning test docs for any other department that needs them. Well, the 2d barcodes I was asked to scan yesterday were quite amusing, because instead of spitting out canned info on policy numbers and 'Sam Sample,' I was rewarded with a whole paragraph of strange-looking Latin. It made for a great diversion, and my boss got a kick out of it too.
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