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     Even though I only finished one of the three top things I wanted accomplished over the weekend, it was still REALLY nice to have a weekend where I didn't go into work (or work from home) and didn't go ANYWHERE on Saturday. Those are the best days.

     It's been cold lately, getting down into the teens, (@ -9 C) which has made for some simply fabulous cool nights for sleeping. Love it!

     Ran into trouble with my belated craft project for t'DoL's birthday, as one of the paints I'd bought a few years back was nearly all dried up and not quite the right color either. So it was wonderful that I could get a replacement on Sunday that worked perfectly, using my very last dollar of cash!

     I have lots of work remaining and plenty of pesky stuff to sort out, but Bill had me do a rough estimate yesterday, and I've got samples in Project Planner of about 75% of the Annuity Documents I need to get in by December 14. I've also passed the 5,000 sample documents imported mark today!
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