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Pretty nice weekend...

     Trying to get Chipotle for a lunch on a Friday tends to be a time-consuming mess, but I found out this Friday that going over there at 4 pm to get dinner so I can work late means no line whatever. Quite a treat!

     Did a little over 7 hours of work in the office on Saturday, making this past week my biggest workweek yet, at somewhere around 57 hours. Hopefully it will be a while before I break that 'record'!

     I found a recipe on the internet for 'Brown Rice and Lentil Casserole' I'm quite enjoying. Not only is it a great way to get more lentils into my diet, but it makes enough to feed me for four meals. Since I'll be working to 6 whenever I can, it's a treat to just be able to warm something up when I get home.

     Best of all, Sunday was a snow day! The snow started Saturday evening, and it's been on and off since then. I'm guessing it's at least reached 10 inches/25 cm, and more expected tonight! What an amazing snowfall! (And now that I have my own garage, I don't even have to dig out my car!) What an adventure trying to get into work tomorrow is going to be! ;)
Tags: chipotle, job: work, snow
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