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Happiness stuff!

     Especially customizable free stuff that I can put my beloved characters on.

     What I'm writing about is the free 10-pack of MOO Cards that LJ and MOO have provided. On one side, there's space for e-mail addresses and other info, and on the other side, either text or a picture. I ordered 5 with Geren and t'DoL from HeroMachine, and 5 with my last picture of Arun and t'DoL. Eeeee!

     MOO is giving 10,000 10-packs away. Right now it's just for paid LJ users, but in a few days they'll open the floodgates. And I expect the poor MOO website will come crashing down again, just like it did yesterday when the freebie was first announced. I figured 10,000 slots wouldn't fill up that fast, so I waited until today.

     Ah, and MOO is located in Great Britain--it's always fun to get overseas mail!
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