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Shouts · of · Joy

Tuesday was special:      This was our…

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Tuesday was special:

     This was our department's Christmas party day, and the food and feasting were fabulous. And this year, it included cinnamon rolls for breakfast as well, yum! It's been too long since I had a warm fresh cinnamon roll. Lunch was fantastic as well; lots of choices, and leftovers to eat later as dinner.

     But even better than that was the gifts from my boss. One in particular. Back on Sunday, I managed to cram in a trip to the Mall of America for Christmas shopping before church, as it opened at 8. And as I was walking out of Barnes & Noble I spotted this wonderful Gandalf 'Hobbit' bookmark that I just loved and really wanted, and I thought something along the lines of 'I'll be back for you in January once I have money again...' So now it's Tuesday morning and one of those wrapped gifts from my boss was shaped like a bookmark...and I thought of that one at Barnes & Noble, and 'no way, how could he possibly know how much I love Gandalf/want that bookmark?!' AND IT WAS!!!!! That so totally made my morning and my day, etc. What an incredible thing. I wish I had half his gift-giving talent, I really do!
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