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Recent gratitudes:

     My back is getting stronger by the day, and Friday night I felt good enough to start eating my mom's wonderful, delicious, priceless fruitcake that she so kindly mailed me. YUM!

     I'm grateful for timing: recently opened a 50 pound/23 kg bag of cat litter. It's a blessing, and I hope it lasts me a while, because it's going to be a very long time before I can risk hauling bags of that weight around, let alone up lots of stairs. I'll have to buy the lest cost-effective 20 pound bags for now, once I can handle them.

     Glad that I was feeling well enough Sunday to take down Christmas decorations, start doing a little much-needed cleaning (though hauling vacuum cleaners up/down stairs is still a ways off) and best of all, some writing! Got a good start made on my first 20th anniversary essay, and also some progress with 'TFE.' It's going to be agonizing only getting to write once a week when I'm so excited to plow forward. Been looking forward to getting this story down for many, many years.

     Last week, I did 51 hours of work, thanks to having New Year's Day off. Thank God for the blessing of days off! This week starts the big long grueling no-more-holidays haul until sometime in March. One day at a time...
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