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A couple nice things yesterday after my last post, and I don't want them left out...

     First and foremost: Brandi! Or, more specifically, Brandi being so kind as to post in her LJ about how I inspired her to donate blood after 10 years since her last attempt. That just made my afternoon--so very sweet of her!

     Then, in the evening, a little more progress with the black stray. He came around for dinner, then stayed around. I eventually gave up on waiting for him to leave, so I went out to dump my bag of cat poop in the dumpster, then watered my garden. I acted as if I was unaware that he was there--and he stayed! My bad move was tossing away twigs that have fallen on my planters--he thought one was aimed for him and gave me the most ghastly fearful/hurt expression and moved off--but he still didn't leave. I ducked right inside, then gave him a second meal, which he piled into--VERY hungry this visit. I'm happy for progress! He seems a cat that craves company more than many.

     Shortly after that, it began to rain. HURRAH! It has been a very warm and dry May, so the area needs it! It was coming down pretty heavy for a while, and windy enough to get both my cats to come charging inside, since the shelter from the apartment and kitty condo wasn't quite enough. The black stray was unfazed, which tells me he's used to being a stray/being outdoors. Eventually he moved off a few feet to lie under the shelter of some bushes by the fence.

     And it's Wednesday already, with a three-day weekend coming up. Doesn't seem quite real.
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