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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent good stuff:      My back has been…

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Recent good stuff:

     My back has been getting strong enough that on Wednesday I started walking to the bus stop again. Can't move at full speed yet, but at least I haven't missed the bus on account of it. Good to be getting more exercise again.

     With my 10.5 hour workdays, I have about 30 free minutes in the evenings if I can just warm up leftovers for dinner and don't have to cook. So on Monday and Tuesday I started vacuuming in stages. Make it easier for my back too, if I only have to get the vacuum cleaner up one or two flights of stairs before I'm done until the next day. Hopefully tonight I can finish up.

     Best of all, on Thursday I succeeded with my first whole blood donation of the year. Whoo-hoo! This month sucks so much, it's nice to at least manage ONE good and meaningful thing despite the insane workload, crappy health, and utter broke-ness.
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