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     My boss's boss was very kind, as my boss and I were in all day Saturday, and let us have lunch at the company's expense. Not much open downtown before 5 pm on a Saturday in the winter, so we ended up over at Cossetta's for their wonderful mostaccioli. Delicious! Didn't need any dinner that night!

     We hired Kofax to make a workflow agent for the Annuity project, and the team they assigned to it is in India. So on Monday there was the fun of a conference call, and on Wednesday morning a Webex presentation, with a fun of a 11.5 hour difference in time zones! Our 8:15 am was their 7:45 pm--what a treat to work with people nearly on the 'other side of the world'!

     As I was hoping, implementation day for the Annuity project was delayed from Friday, March 1 to Tuesday, March 5. I am glad I will have an extra weekend for cramming in extra stuff.

     These 60 hour workweeks (66 last week including Sunday) are unhealthy by nearly every definition of the word. So I am grateful that at least I am still getting some physical exercise, as the 1.4 mile/2.2 km walk to the park and ride has been very exerting because of all the snow (with ice underneath) to wade through. I'm grateful for one aspect of my life that isn't completely disintegrating!
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