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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent good stuff:      I burned my arm…

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Recent good stuff:

     I burned my arm near my wrist on the oven some days ago. It looks ghastly, but thankfully only actually hurt for a few hours.

     Shado has been more needy of late (though 'needy' means he just gets close enough to rub against my back a time or two while he's carrying on--he is NOT a lap cat!). But thankfully that is it. I feel guilty that I'm never home, but I am very glad he is not doing any worse.

     It's only a week to my 20th anniversary! I'm so grateful it falls on a Sunday. Bad enough I don't have the time, money, or energy to properly celebrate it, but thank God at least I don't have to work on that day!

     Happiness is a little more progress in chapter 2 of 'TFE.' My pace makes snails look speedy, but I'm very grateful to manage any writing at all.
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On February 12th, 2013 01:36 am (UTC), brezzydal commented:
Oven burns are no fun, I am glad your is getting better.

Are you not working next Sunday?

I need to remember to ask you what 'TFE' is when we talk again.
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On February 12th, 2013 12:08 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
Yes, it looks like it could take a while to heal.

There is NO WAY I am going to work this next Sunday. I wish I could have Saturday off too, but Monday was so rotten I can throw that dream out the windows.

Hopefully one of us will remember! =)