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Recent blessings:

     It has been so wonderful to have LIGHT when I walk to the park and ride at 6:30 am and then at 6 pm when I get off work. Just twilight still, but now that it nearly a month from the equinox we'll be gaining daylight at nearly 20 minutes a week, so things will move quickly. So nice! I can SEE all the ice I'm trying not to slip on!

     Thursday I got the last 2012 donation receipts I've been waiting on--both at once! Now the door is finally open to do my taxes...and because of my job I won't have time/energy to make it happen until March, heh. Oh well, at least I'm ready.

     Happiness is hot water! Found out my water heater had quit working when I tried to take a shower Thursday morning, so had to call it in to maintenance (on top of the furnace calls I've had to make again) and since they had to get a part, it wasn't repaired until this afternoon. Taking my bath/shower using a bucket with water heated on the stove this morning really reminded me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, for some reason. ;) I'm glad I only had to do it once.

     Hurrah for a weekend and 20th anniversary at the door!
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