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     So, the day I found out that the company performance share was a whopping 10%, I started excitedly browsing around looking for stuff I want...and just happened to find a dining room table of the exact color, shape, and size I was looking for, at 50% off! Ordered it in an excited rush, got it delivered last Tuesday (all 80+ lbs/36 kg) and on Saturday was finally home long enough to take it out of the box and put it together. What a blessing from heaven!

     It was great that since my boss was unavailable to help me Saturday I was able to work from home that day, as it left the morning free. Not only did I get my new table put together, I was able to get out for the pre-season show of the fused glass artist whose work I fell in love with at the Red Wing art show. Since she lives in the neighboring suburb, it was quite a quick trip to her house, and since I went in the morning I had the best selection. Another treat is that since I'm on her e-mail list, I'll now learn about all sort of local/statewide art/craft shows I would never have discovered otherwise!

     I'm loving my work snack stash that helps me through the long days. Got a great trail mix my mom very kindly sent me, and from Trader Joe's I got dried banana, pineapple 'chips,' and dried coconut, as well as raisins and craisins for healthy snacking.

     Ended up doing 69.5 hours of work last week, which is a record I really hope I don't break anytime soon. Bill and I did 10 hours on Sunday, and as we were heading out, I spotted a free plant by the microwave, which will nicely replace the one I killed since I'm not used to the much higher winter humidity in my new place (and therefore keep over-watering). Can't forget to mention the free entire large pizza, since our boss's boss let us eat on the company again!

     Lastly, a stunning view of the rising full moon to savor as I headed home today. At first it looked like a dull reddish-brown asteroid on the horizon, then got brighter and shifted from dusty orange to tawny gold as it ascended. Just fabulous!
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