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     On Monday evening, I succeeded with my first platelet donation of 2013, hurrah! Also grateful to the Towners, who were willing to pick me up after 9 and take me home, as yet another storm had come in that day, and I didn't want to either get my car buried in the cheap parking lot, or pay $10 to park in the company ramp. It's less than a mile from my job to the Red Cross center; not a bad walk at all.

     I'm glad for things not going as bad/being a impossible as I long imagined. In this case, training someone on processing microfilm, part of which is done in the dark. I remember how long it took me to learn years ago, and how confusing if anything got changed, so I'd very much dreaded ever having to teach someone and hoped I'd get out of it. (So much for that.) Nancy and I have been working at it for a couple months now, a couple times a week. We've had our share of excitement with things going wrong, and amusement, and even a few mishaps that never happened to me (like knocking the film reel off the spindle in the dark, and having the actual processor die when she hit the 'drive' button). I usually settle for knocking film boxes, stapler, scissors, various needed parts off the counter in the dark, heh. But it's a blessing to have her largely trained on the whole routine, and all she needs to refine is stapling film in the dark, which takes a lot of practise. What a relief!

     My boss IMed me while I was training yesterday with the scary news that the Annuity implementation might be delayed yet AGAIN. Didn't learn any more since I had to leave at 3 for a dental appointment, and then today we were in limbo awaiting the verdict most of the day. But, thank God, they decided not to delay. I really need a vacation!
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