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     My 'celebrations' started early, due to my boss's boss taking my boss and my department's admin team (so Bill, Greg, Sarah, and me) out to lunch Friday at Da Vinci's. We were there over an hour and a half, and the food and time was wonderful.

     The irony of timing. I'd planned a reread of my 'Hope's Passage' novel for around my celebration week, since it has a spring association for me. That royally flopped, now that everything is covered in snow again and it looks like February! Should have waited until May. Amazing, the difference from April last year when I was getting out for early spring walks around this time.

     Got stuff in the mail already for my week off--a daybed for my guest room I hope to assemble soon, and a trellis for my 'garden' on my deck that I can't put outside now that my deck is covered with snow again. Shado loved the trellis box and chewing up some of the packing materials while I was assembling it. He even came over to thank me, which he generally only does for Christmas/birthday gifts he really likes. Must have been some very special packing material!!

     Got some two-way popcorn on Friday for my celebration week. Yum! It's been too long.

     Today was fun, as I got out to Shakopee for a Spring Festival that was the biggest art/craft fair I have ever been to (hence the paid admission). Every time I thought I'd seen everything, I found another room, aisle, and even floor I haven't been to yet! HUGE! My brain gave up toward the end because it couldn't memorize where all the interesting stuff was anymore. I ended up buying a cutting board to replace my ugly stained white one, a pair of warm wool gloves for next winter since I lost one of mine a month back, and some lovely pendants. Definitely want to go back when it comes again in the fall.
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