Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Recent treats:

     We all had spring fever on Friday, so the four of us who were there at lunchtime took a long walk to Kelly's Depot Bar and Grill and had lunch there. Quite a nice getaway!

     I took advantage of the first warm and not-wet weekend to get out for a couple long walks. Did 6.6 miles Saturday morning and 5.6 miles Sunday morning before church, trying out a slightly different route each time, thanks to wonderful Walk Jog Run. It was just great, to see so many different birds, including one coot, one pied-billed grebe, my first wren, and my first bluebirds--four of them! But the best thing about the walks were the ponds I discovered filled with calling frogs. At my old place, the ponds were either too small, transient, polluted, or otherwise unfit, so it's been years since I've gotten to savor that wonderful sound. Can't get enough!!

     What a week! On Tuesday, I woke up to 6.5 inches of snow, on Friday it was finally warm enough to open the windows for the first time (ahhhhhh), and on Sunday afternoon I had to close them already as it was getting near 80. And...there's a chance of snow again in a couple days. Only in Minnesota, hah hah!
Tags: birds: bluebirds, birds: other, job: coworkers, snow, walking
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