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     Monday evening was nice. Brought my car to get an oil changed, picked up a cheap dinner at Taco Bell on the way, then walked to a nearby park to eat and read and enjoy the spring air and birdsong. Very nice! Probably the very last nice spring day as well.

     The first of many gratitudes in 2013 for having central air at my new place. Monday was upper 60s and lovely...Tuesday got up to 94 or thereabouts. So grateful for a cool basement I can hide out in, and central air! And at least the humidity hasn't rolled in yet...

     Happiness is two more Young Poads to join my collection. Now I have six young ones, and thirteen adults. =)

     I'm glad I get off at 3:30 today because I need to mail something big before the post office closes. That will make up for missing the 5:30 bus yesterday by a hair, and having to wait around until 6.
Tags: aldamar, poads(tm)
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