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Had a three-day weekend packed full of treats, as I took Monday off. It's my last 'reprieve' from work until July 4, which will probably be spent packing for my Washington trip.

     On Saturday I got out to the St Anthony Park Arts Festival, which was a treat both for the variety and the lovely weather in the morning. Then on Sunday I headed to the zoo, as I have a membership and should really take advantage of the free admission/parking sometime! It was another exquisite day, and I got to check out the new exhibits as well as savor the bird show, which I could never possibly see too often.

     Such a treat to have a weekend with so little rain and nice cool weather. Perfect for walking--on Sunday morning I walked to the food store and then hauled back my 15+ pounds of purchases, which made for a great workout. Monday was even better, as in the morning I did over 4 miles at Lebanon Hills Regional Park, then in the afternoon walked to/from the movie theater. It was great to see wild geraniums, the very first of the columbines, and even some Canada mayflower and Jack-in-the-pulpits at the park.

     I also had lots of fun with movies. Went on a Superman binge in preparation for 'Man of Steel' coming out, so got to see 'Superman,' 'Superman II,' and 'Superman Returns.' On Monday afternoon I saw 'Iron Man 3' for my second time, and quite enjoyed it. Also quite enjoyed the trailer for the 'Thor' sequel.

     Got my garage cleaned out, and an illustration started, finally. Which has derailed writing since I can't seem to balance both, but I need to work on plotting with 'TFE' before I run too far ahead of myself and get in a mess...
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