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I'm so glad this ghastly workweek is drawing to a close, but at least there were some bright spots.

     The Individual Project I'm going to be working crazy hours to get done by July 1 had a recognition lunch, so I can hardly call it 'free,' but it certainly was delicious! Lots of picnic-type food with a great variety of fresh toppings.

     Had a nasty scare Wednesday morning when my illustration for 'On The Water' which I've been working on would not open in Vue (nor the back-up file) and I feared it was utterly corrupt and I would have to start over again from nothing. Thankfully, that evening I was able to get it working again by switching my video card setting, whew! Glad with how well it is coming along.

     While the constant cloudiness and dampness is getting old, it has really been nice to have cool nights for sleeping this week!
Tags: art, job: other, on the water

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