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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent good stuff:      Made great progress…

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Recent good stuff:

     Made great progress with my 'On The Water' illustration and was able to finish it on Sunday. Feels good to finally have an item off my art projects list--first this year!

     Having that done meant I was able to get back into a little 'TFE' writing on Monday evening. I think once I finish this chapter I will call it quits for the summer and resume with Hileko's pov-bit whenever I start up again. Got plenty of editing/tweaks I need to tackle!

     Monday at work was fabulous. Even though I had three meetings, two of them ended early, there were very few distractions, so I was able to get make a lot of progress with what I am SUPPOSED to be doing. That helped make up for the time lost on other stuff Friday afternoon and part of Saturday.
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