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Recent delights:

     Got a wonderful goodie box from my parents--early birthday yummies! It contained homemade lemon bread my mom made, as well as pistachios and other delights. Quite a treat!

     On Saturday morning I was able to see 'Man of Steel' before heading into work. Quite enjoyed it, overall, and I'm hoping to see it again next weekend at the IMAX as a birthday treat. (And I had an extra dollar cash, so I was able to park in the company ramp, rather than the boonie lot I had to do twice during the workweek.)

     It was a blessing to have a Sunday morning with no rain, which meant I was out the door around 5:45 am for a nice 6.5 mile walk before it got too warm. The bunnies were out too, and I spotted five adults and two adorable babies during my walk.

     On Sunday evening I finished chapter 13 of 'TFE,' which is my planned stopping point until late summer/early fall. That feels good.

     Today makes 20 and 1/3 years since 'meeting' t'DoL, already! Which was my deadline for getting 'On The Water' added to the stories linked at my Portal Page, since I finished the illustration for it last week.
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