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Shouts · of · Joy

I ran the fan in the window all last night, and when I got up around…

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I ran the fan in the window all last night, and when I got up around 7, it was 59 F(15 C) in my apartment. Delicious!

     I went and looked out the side door window (hoping to see the black stray) and there was a darling little chickadee that flew over to my morning glory seedlings, just a few feet from the window. He came down and started pecking at one of the mothballs (the smell keeps squirrels from digging up my planters looking for nuts that aren't there; alas, they don't work on worm-hunting robins). I watched, a bit concerned, wondering if I should try to shoo him away, but the moment he broke a shard off and actually tasted the thing, he bolted right off. Not-food!

     I actually had a feeble surge of a cleaning impulse today, so I got my computer desk looking presentable for the first time in over two years, then attacked the travesty of my art table. Pretty good progress there too...but now I need a small file holder for all the cards and letters I sorted through today (Shanra, you are incredible! *hugs*). A nice bit of progress.
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