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I'm glad that the big event of this year for me, by far, was my 20th anniversary of 'meeting' t'DoL, and not my 38th birthday. See, I spent it (Saturday) doing 7.5 hours of overtime, but I find the fact more amusing than galling. Also, the nice thing about working on a Saturday, whether it's my birthday or not, is getting to play lots of music on a coworker's boombox, and how much I get done compared to a weekday. So wonderful to have no interruptions!

     I did treat myself on my birthday evening by going to see Man of Steel again, this time in 3D on the monster IMAX screen. Enjoyed it a whole lot more on the second viewing, too! (I now want to see it every weekend for the rest of my life, but hopefully 1-2 more times will be enough!)

     Sunday I headed over to my old church so that I'd be most of the way to the Afton Strawberry Festival. I was running early, which gave me time to detour to where I used to live and savor the sight of the catalpas blooming. They nearly always bloom around my birthday, but I haven't found any yet near my new place. A treat to get a chance to see them, and that all the awful storms of late haven't destroyed all their flowers.

     The hot humid stormy weather was my signal to make my first batch of cold green emerald soup for the summer. Delicous!

     (And 2 years left until the big one, whoot!)
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