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Lots of little goodies of late:

     Got some gas for only $3.29 this weekend. A treat too that prices are coming down before my Washington trip.

     I have to take lots of iron supplements in order to have a high enough iron level for my platelet or whole blood donations, so it was a treat to find a sale of 2 boxes for the price of one the last time I went shopping. Saved nearly 10 bucks right there!

     One nice thing about not having to do any work this weekend is that I had time for movies. Seeing all the trailers for Despicable Me 2 got me curious, and then my boss was so kind as to loan me the first movie. Saw that on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun, then followed that up by seeing Monsters University Sunday, and that was fun too!

     Such a blessing to finally get a break from the rain, finally get a break from the crushing humidity, and finally get a cool night. A blessing in timing too, since it meant I got out at 5:45 am for a nice 6.5 mile walk Sunday morning (and got to open the windows). Since it was clouded in the east, the sun was just a magenta or orange ball for nearly the entire walk, and didn't trouble me at all. Now that it's nearly July, so many wildflowers to see and savor!

     The high point of the weekend was getting over to the community art festival Saturday morning. After last weekend's outing being a bit of a let-down, this one was perfect. Nice and close, 100 booths, and a fantastic balance of artists or vendors. Not only did I get me some deep-fried cheese curds, but I found a watercolor landscape artist I quite like, and got two prints for my living room. Including one big one that was over 60% off due to the giclee being a little dark, but it looks great to me!
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