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Recent good stuff:

     Had a wonderful belated birthday meal with the Towners Tuesday at Boca Chica. Never been there for dinner before, and it was delicious! Great time.

     Then on Wednesday I was supposed to have a belated birthday lunch with my boss at Da Vinci's. We walked over...and found that it was closed for the week because of the 4th. Pretty funny! So I got treated to pizza and salad at a fast food joint and Da Vinci's will happen later. (Nice way to score two meals off my boss! ;)

     It was just cool enough the morning of July 4th to get out for a four mile walk at 5:45 and get back by 6:45 before the sun got too hot. That's a treat, since it's rare for it to be nice enough (for me) to get out at all on the 4th.

     Amidst preparing for my trip and working on some craft projects, Thursday afternoon I got out to see Man of Steel for the third time. That was wonderful, as is the hackberry tree I park near at the theater so my car is shaded when I get out. Sure helps as it got up to 89 or so.

     What a treat to have an entire week without any rain! The humidity dropped as well, which is very nice.

     The 4th of July is past, and I'm grateful this week for my noisy window fan that I ran at night with the windows shut to conceal the sound of the fireworks people have been setting off at awful hours since Sunday night (I'm turning into an old lady =). Last night I used earplugs as well, which made for a lot less disruption.

     In 40 hours I'll be on a plane and headed for Washington state!
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