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Shouts · of · Joy

My trip to Washington was wonderful--more on that later.…

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My trip to Washington was wonderful--more on that later.

     It was a blessing to have Wednesday off after getting in quite late on Tuesday. Got unpacked, laundry done, accumulated mail dealt with, and even got out to the local Farmer's Market for beans and the first of the sweet corn.

     Glad that Shado did fine during my absence and got on well with the cat-sitter. He was also glad I had Wednesday off, but not pleased I went back to work today!

     Very, VERY grateful for central air, since I had the misfortune of coming home to a heat-wave. 93 yesterday, 95 today, nasty dewpoints and hot nights. Very glad for AC in my car as well, and for my cool neckband to help me make it home from the bus stop.

     Tomorrow is Friday, and then a weekend, hurrah! A treat to have a two-day workweek as I get back into the swing of things.
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