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The week is flying by, and tomorrow is payday!

     My focus these weeks (should be) on testing the Kofax KTM upgrade, and let's just say that things have been interesting. But I'm grateful that they haven't been 'interesting' enough to require staying late all that much.

     The tapestry I bought in Leavenworth, Washington, at a neat shop called 'Haus of Angels,' arrived in the mail (the rod was too long for me to fit it in my luggage). Not only did I fall in love with it all over again, I discovered that the artist of the image is someone whose work I already admired from years back. Looking forward to hanging it up!

     Da Vinci's was open on Tuesday when my boss and I headed over again, so I finally got my belated birthday lunch (a month after the fact) with leftovers for dinner. Yum!

     Happiness is an gift card in the mail--there's been some stuff I've really wanted to get, so I'm delighted I could use my credit card points toward a gift card.

     Drove to work Wednesday so I could just stay through dinner (had a delicious Jimmy John's veggie sub that hit the spot perfectly) and then do my fourth platelet donation for the year. My iron was high enough, and I had fun reseeing Sleepless in Seattle while I donated so I could see what places in Seattle I recognized.
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