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So the weekend felt too short and too busy, but there was still good stuff:

     On Friday Shelley and I got over to El Barrio for a fantastic lunch at their taco bar. It has been too long.

     The weather has been amazing! More like September than July. Got off the bus intentionally at the park and ride so I could take a roundabout 2+ miles getting back on Friday afternoon. And got out for a nice 6.7 mile walk Sunday morning in which I saw lots of goldfinches, five rabbits, a kingfisher, and the beautiful prairie flowers in a local park starting their display. It's not often that I actually get to enjoy a prairie area without being miserable from the sun and heat.

     Thanks to the coolness, I also got to have two nice nights sleeping on my futon rather than my air mattress. Shado was a bit startled, but enjoyed it immensely.

     'Interesting' things keep happening at work, but it will certainly be a different, and more low-key time, with my boss off all week.
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