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From silly to exciting:

     My boss has got it nice. There's seven of us reporting to him on the sixth floor, all women, so whenever he's struggling over which tie to wear with which suit, he has a perfect polling base at hand. It's fascinating how either one tie wins by a landslide, or it's a near 'tie' between two ties.

     Some fun with the Farmer's Market this week. Got some broccoli on Tuesday, and between that night and the next, as I prepared it for cooking, I found six caterpillars and one chrysalis. That is the worst number I've ever had for a head of broccoli...makes the 'organic' thing seem just a trifle overrated. ;) And I really, really hope I haven't accidentially cooked and eaten one! (But it didn't stop me from stocking up on tricolor green beans, carrots and the first of the brussels sprouts on Thursday. YUM!)

     Glad to have a couple days reprieve from the heatwave--it was actually below 70 the last two days for my walk to the bus stop. It will come back with a fury soon, but at least September is fast approaching.

     Had my 6-month performance review with my boss on Monday, in which I was quite startled to find out he'd given me Exceeding minus! Today I found out my raise (which goes into effect September 1st). 6.1 percent, yeehaw and hallelujah!!
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