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Hurrah for a Friday!

     Drove to work Thursday and was regaled by a beautiful sunrise on the way. The reason I'd driven was because of a platelet donation I'd scheduled for afterwards, and it went wonderfully. My sixth of the year, and spent the donating time doing a bit of editing in 'TFE.' =)

     It has been wonderful to hear the crickets in the nighttime, the lovely sound of summer on the wane. I'm looking forward to when the heat wave ends, and I can open my windows and really enjoy them.

     Always a treat to get good news for a change. This week, it was learning that the supervisor of the Mail Center was returning from his leave, and that his teenage son was declared cancer free after a long, scary battle with leukemia. Thank you, God!

     Today brings the 20th service anniversary of coworker Dawn. Fabulous--tons of pizza and pop and cake, and Corey and Kyle dropped by as well (former coworkers who have moved to other areas). It was great stuffing my face, getting to see them, and looking forward to my own 15th service anniversary, less than two months away now!
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