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The good stuff:

     Some beautiful sights on Tuesday, a sunrise in the morning to savor as I walked to the park and ride and waited for the bus, then something far rarer as I headed home around 6:45. Lots of circling birds over where I lived, and they were all Nighthawks, feeding on insects and probably on migration (all silent). It was neat to see so many, and in broad daylight too; brought back memories of college years, where I saw/heard them most frequently.

     On Wednesday I succeeded with my second whole blood donation of the year, which felt great.

     Sunday I finished chapter 7 of section 3 of 'TFE,' for which I'm very glad. I'd hoped to get through another chapter before stopping for a while, but this is a good breaking point too. Besides, only 5 chapters and 2 fragment sections left!

     Very good and happy news for my boss, if not for me. He found out on Tuesday that he got the position he applied for weeks back, after all those grueling interviews and then being told last Friday that it was on indefinite hold. Wow--what a roller coaster for him! He certainly deserves it, and I'm happy for him! (And trying to not have a nervous breakdown over the unbearable quantities of work that will fall to me and the fact I'll no longer have him for scripting help...) Also glad that my boss's boss, my former boss, will be our temperorary report until the position gets filled.
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