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Lots of fun of late:

     My mom and I had a great dinner with the Towners Thursday, and also paid a quick visit to my great-aunt earlier that day, after getting to show her the prettiest parts of my 6.7 mile walking loop in the morning. On Friday I was back at work, while my mom got together with some friends. The day was full of food, because my area and the Mail Center had a food day to celebrate my boss's promotion, and then there was another party for him after the work day ended at the nearby bar...another day of eating too much!

     After so much gorgeous weather of late, Saturday was the rainy day, but it was nice too, as my mom and I got caught up with doing stuff around my place, showing her various things I've bought or websites I've found, and then ordered pizza at a place nearby I hadn't tried yet, and watched 'Lincoln' in the evening. It was nice to get a break from driving and road construction too!

     On Sunday, after going to church at my old location, we went out for an amazing brunch at Lake Elmo Inn. The place has gotten bigger since I was last there many years ago, with a beautiful patio area and surrounding garden, while the brunch buffet was incredible. There was champagne included (my mom and I did the no-alcohol variety) and so many choices of things to eat I don't think I even hit 1/3rd of them. After that, we headed to Hudson for the Spirit of the St Croix art festival, though I actually did my spending on some neat shops we discovered near it.

     One last evening of getting ready before my mom heads home super early Tuesday morning. It was a wonderful visit!
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