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Recent blessings:

     Very glad to be getting better and have an appetite again after coming down with something last Thursday. Almost completely back to normal, thank God!

     Today I found out that medical costs for 2014 are only going up $8/month, and dental isn't changing at all. (Leaving aside deductible increases.) Hallelujah!

     Had a two hour meeting with the local Kofax reps to hear about the latest and greatest their company is rolling out (some of it quite tantalizing) and it included a free lunch!

     Only a year since the roof was replaced at my home, and now they're doing it AGAIN. That and the siding this time, thanks to the awful hail storm a few months back. However aggravating the mess and racket is, sure beats living in a place where the roof/siding never gets replaced, right? (Also motivates me to stay to 6 pm at work this week, so I don't have to hear as much of it...)

     Best of all, I made great progress with 'TFE' writing over the last three evenings. Got the final chapter of section 3 and the last interlude both written, and with a three-day weekend coming up, I'm in a great position to take a good run at the last four chapters. Hurrah!
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