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Ahhhh, a weekend!

     On Thursday I got off work at 4:30 instead of 6 in order to have my monthly dinner with the Towners. It was a really good time, both for food and conversation.

     There have been a lot of lovely sunsets this week, but the most amazing were the sunrises I got to watch from the bus on Thursday and Friday. Thursday's was intricate and astounding, while Friday's was a blaze of vivid fiery hues to remind me of The Changer. What a treat!

     Of all the places, I ran into my former boss at the ATM machine on Friday. Then that afternoon he came over to my desk because of a question Greg and I had, and then was in no hurry whatsoever to leave! So instead of being productive Friday afternoon, Bill and I were blathering on about 'Gravity,' other sci-fi films, and new releases. He's having a hard time adjusting to working slow 40-hr weeks after so many stressful/busy 70-80 hour ones, and I'm trying to not be utterly green in the face. But I'm happy for him. =)

     Since I have a bit going on this weekend, I've got Monday off (as I have vacation time I need to use up). Looking forward to savoring my last work reprieve from now until November 23rd!
Tags: job: new boss, skyscapes
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