Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

A full and good three-day weekend:

     On Saturday afternoon I drove to North St Paul for Trenton's leukemia fund-raiser. Not only did I get blessed by glimpses of a rainbow on the way over, my first for this entire year, but there were other treats as well. I was really delighted by the big turn-out and all the people who participated. Happy to find some pumpkin bread at the bake sale too, as I really like having my mom's homemade apple sauce on top of pumpkin bread, yum! I did Trader Joe's shopping afterward, and then on the drive home I got regalled by a magnificent sunset--what a treat!

     On Sunday I drove down to Red Wing for their fall art show. The weather was perfect--sunny and 50s, which made for a lovely walk all over Barn Bluff, and some nice photos of the fall colors. Had an immature eagle fly over me but I wasn't fast enough with the camera! The art show was fun, I got to enjoy deep-fried cheese curds and cheesy popcorn to take home, and then I stopped by the Pepin Heights apple store to get apple pie, cider, and SweeTango apples. The place was mobbed, for which I was very glad, as they had a bad year last year. Then I saw another bald eagle, adult this time, while driving north around Frontenac. All in all, a really nice day.

     Monday I had off to make up for Sunday's busyness. It worked out great, because it meant I was home so that the repairman could fix the hole he'd made in the basement wall right before my mom came. Also got to do some more work on an art project, watch a movie, make food for the week, and get a bunch more writing done in 'TFE.' Very happy with where I'm at--over 77,000 words and less than 3 chapters left! (And got 2013's rotten writing totals past 2012's more rotten writing totals to boot.)
Tags: art show, birds: eagles, job: coworkers, rainbows, skyscapes, tfe: writing
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