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Recent blessings:

     Got treated to an amazing sunrise on Friday while driving to the park and ride lot, waiting for the bus, and during the bus ride to work. It just kept going on, and changing from beauty to beauty. A definite 'December' sunrise association for me, as it was all pastels and watercolor effect, with no sharp edges anywhere.

     I couldn't spare the time to walk, but I'm glad I made the time to get out to the movies to see the Thor sequel. It was quite a blast.

     I'm very grateful for all the help Tina (as consulting analyst) has been providing with making flowcharts and hammering out workflow details for different aspects of the BD project. Jodi and I are far too busy to have time to focus on that (as well as Greg) so her assistance is a real blessing.

     Greg came up with a great idea at a meeting today that saved Jodi and me time beating our brains against a wall. Theoretically, anyway, since I have so many details overwhelming me I can only freak out about a handful at a time. But what a blessing to get a tidy, doable solution dropped in our laps, thanks to him!
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