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     Succeeding with my seventh platelet donation of the year on Wednesday night. Nice excuse to leave work 'early' too, and sneak out at 5:45 rather than 6!

     On Tuesday Man of Steel came out on dvd, and on payday Friday I got mine. =D Of course, when I'll have time to do anything with it is another matter!

     Aside from getting a cd with credit card points a few months back, I have not gotten to buy cds or books since April. So it was a treat indeed to get my wonderful 'haul' from Barnes & Noble thanks to the $100 gift card I got for my 15th service anniversary...

     I have been looking forward for so many months to getting the Limited Deluxe Edition of the Man of Steel soundtrack that I told myself I might be underwhelmed when I actually got to hear it. Thank God, quite the contrary!

     Today's treat after 8.5 hours of work on Saturday was getting out for the Autumn Festival in Shakopee. It's so huge it was nice that it was my second time and I had a better feel for the layout. Got a handful of little stuff that I am looking forward to giving or enjoying.

     And this coming week is my last week of work before my vacation, yay!
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