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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent vacation goodies:      It's been fun…

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Recent vacation goodies:

     It's been fun getting introduced to various tv series I've heard about (or not) and watch a few episodes. I've gotten to see bits of Elementary, Numbers, and Duck Dynasty. Who knows how many months it will be before I'll have time to check them out at home, but it was a treat to get a sample.

     It was also nice to have the time to finish up my Thanksgiving music post (which was supposed to have gone up for my 20th anniversary celebrations) and also get my pronunciations post updated to include 'TFE' items.

     A couple treats thanks to Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Got online to order canned cat food on the weekend and was startled by a great sale, and then on Monday one of the items I've been watching on Amazon was $40 off, wonderful!
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