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A rather stressful start to the workweek, but there's been some good stuff:

     Got up Monday morning to discover that my main pc, Tertius, wouldn't boot. Had fun reading the manual on the bus, researching it online and spending my short evening poking around inside it. Turns out one of my memory cards must have fried (I've certainly put them through the wringer with my recent art project!). So now I'm running on 4Gb rather than 8Gb, but I'm glad to be running at all. Also grateful again for wireless and Frogmouth, so that I'm not cut off from the internet and e-mail while Tertius was down.

     Speaking of being 'cut off,' today was the day when my exile from personal e-mail at work (that started earlier in the summer) came to a partial end. I got this awesome Karma 4G hotspot for sale on Cyber Monday, so now if I bring Frogmouth to work I can finally access my own e-mails again. I'm very grateful I found a more affordable option than shelling out $500+ for a 4G tablet, which was what I was afraid for a while that I'd be forced to do. I guess I can keep working at my company a little longer.

     Finally got the weeks-in-the-hopper art project for my 2014 single-page calendar done. What a relief...though I might revisit it for the tapestry project it was originally intended for, that won't happen until I get more PC memory. So if I have to be on an enforced-until-I-can-afford-more-memory art hiatus, at least it's falling when I'm too busy with work for art anyway!
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