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-6 and dropping out there...

     Funny how sometimes doing a small good deed ends up blessing oneself most. Case in point being a few days back, as I was going to cross the street on my way home after getting off the bus, and turned aside to grab a long metal bracket from some sign, since cars were hitting it and I was afraid it might damage someone's tire. Got find my screen door had somehow locked itself, and I couldn't get it open by hand--but that heavy steel bracket was perfect for forcing it. (Also took the warning and stashed my extra garage door opener in my purse as fingers freeze stiff in no time at all in this weather.) That was a blessing!

     Despite all expectations to the contrary, the BD area is actually ready to begin testing on Monday. Trying not to completely stress out imagining everything that could possibly go wrong with my work...and glad that at least Saturday night I didn't spend all night dreaming about it. I'm glad I don't have to wait and wonder longer than this.

     The most intense cold since my college days is due to hit tonight (wind chills of -50 to -60 make even the frequent -40s at my alma mater seem tame!) So what a blessing to remember that I'd bought some 3M window film for last winter and never used it. Got that up over the living room window and dining room patio Saturday, and that should help with the vicious wind chills and heating bill, at least a little.
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