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Hurrah for a Friday!      Got an exercise…

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Hurrah for a Friday!

     Got an exercise bike from Amazon, which I've been wanting since last winter, and got it assembled during the workweek. It's wonderful how quiet it is, and it's also great timing, as the weather has shifted to a snowier streak which makes it harder to manage the 1.4 miles to the park and ride. (I walked 4 times last week but only twice this week.)

     Delighted to succeed with my first whole blood donation for 2014 at my company's blood drive. Always feels like a great way to get a new year off to a good start, and moreso this year with all the recent shortages. Also, when I looked over my log on the Red Cross site, I found that this was my 100th attempt to give (as the log includes both failures and successes). Neat!

     Thanking God that it is the middle of January, and while I am very tired from all the work and stress, I have not gotten sick yet.

     And today makes 20 years and 11 months since 'meeting' t'DoL. Bearing down on 21 quite quickly!
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On January 17th, 2014 05:00 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:

Glad to hear the exercise bike is working out. Is it easy to pedal?
100th attempts that is huge.

You are certainly having a real winter. Stay warm and safe.

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On January 17th, 2014 05:15 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
It has tension adjust, but I haven't tried it on the lowest level. It's neat that it also tracks my heartrate and calories burned (and distance and speed).

Yes, indeed! No huge snowfalls since I came back from CA, but lots of little ones have definitely been adding up. We might get a few more inches between tonight and tomorrow morning, too. And then another cold streak coming after that... =)