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Glad that the weekend had some bright spots:

     A last-minute change in plans meant that the Towners and I had dinner at Boca Chica Friday night. It's been too long, and everything was delicious. Nice to do some catching up.

     I keep longing for a two-day weekend and not getting it, but at least this weekend I was able to work from home Saturday, and for less than 5 hours.

     The 'extra' time Saturday gave me a chance to get some things done, including lots of progress on my silly Hu-Harek comic, which I finished up Sunday morning. It feels good to have an art project done for 2014, howsoever small, and stir up the thick dust over at my Triune site as well.

     My free trial of Amazon Prime led me to try streaming the first episode of 'Numbers' on my desktop, and it went pretty well. Looking forward to doing more later, as time permits.
Tags: art, boca chica, movies, triune: misc
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