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Hurrah for a payday Friday with extra PSP cash on top of that!

     On Wednesday I drove into work so that I could stay later and go straight to the Towners from there. On my way in, I was blessed to have a great grey owl fly right across the road ahead of me. And then after work walking back to where I parked the car, I got to see my first bald eagle of 2014. What a treat!

     I have been enjoying the fruitcake and pistachios my parents sent me for Valentine's Day immensely.

     On Thursday I was surprised to receive a gift from the downstairs supervisor. She's only been in the department a few months, but she's already learned first-hand how exasperating this big implementation is. I got a very kind note, a beautiful journal, and a gift card to Trader Joe's! Very sweet of her.

     Two significant snowfalls in one week! Monday's storm was mitigated by the fact it came on President's Day, so a lot of people had it off already. This second one was something else, a true blizzard. It started later than the original forecast, and so many people fled the city early on Thursday, that when I took the 5:00 bus out, I got home just as fast, if not faster, than a normal 5:00 departure. But before the snow stopped the wind started. This morning was amazing. Huge drifts, everything 'painted' with wet snow, lovely backlit sky as dawn came. I guessed 8 inches, but the real total for my area is between 9.5 and 10.1. Just wow. They are running out of places to put it all! (I think this is one storm, that had it fallen 6 hours later, would have succeeded in finally closing my employer, but alas, no such luck. So many people called in, however, that it felt like the day after Thanksgiving!)
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