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     I am extremely grateful that my boss let me leave work early on Saturday. The whole big load test was my idea that I had argued for, and seven of us came in to do it (with Rob supporting us from home). But she let me leave early at 10:30 to go to the funeral.

     Grateful that I made it safely to Ray Smith's funeral, for the roads were awful after that massive blizzard--in most places one could only guess where the lanes were, and impossible to see ice on top of all that hard-packed snow. A blessing that Woodbury put a lot of work into clearing Bailey hill or that would have been impassible without four-wheel drive. So though I couldn't come early for the visitation, or stay late for the meal afterward, I am so glad I was able to go honor the man who trained me on clarinet in my middle school years, and directed the band. Such a grief to lose him so young (56) and his incredible gifts and talent with the trumpet, but such a comfort to know that he is Home now, without the ravages of Parkinson's (or whatever that horrible affliction was) and all the other physical/mental ailments that afflicted him. Free at last, and glorifying God unhindered.

     I am relieved that the load test went well and hopefully bodes well for the big implementation at the end of this week. Only one error in the logs, caused by my missing a name change in the script. (And if that's the only one I will be astounded!)

     Last but not least, any weekend in which I can add something new to my What's Cooking... page is a good weekend indeed. In this case, it was realizing that the reason my Trapper Arun/Heruvael dialogue was so stubborn over the past 6+ years was because it needs to be written as a counterpart to a Trapper Arun/Hu-Harek one. Looking forward to it!
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