Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Lots of little delights lately:

     I'm so glad for the wonderful internet, this time because there are 'fake data generators' I can use to come up with bogus numbers, dates, or names when I have to dummy up files for training Kofax. It's still slow and tedious, but having those resources makes it a lot easier.

     A blessing to have a couple 'slow' days at work, first time in quite a long time. Thanks to this lull before the big implementation, I've been able to get off 'early' (4:30 or 5:00) the last two days. And I'm way ahead of my 'quota' with 'TFE' editing as well, yay!

     Now that it's March, we've finally gotten away from the sub-zero temps that have dogged the state for the last few months. What a treat to walk to the park and ride this morning and NOT have to wear thermal undies! It might actually get above freezing soon!

     Got treated to a pair of lovely sunrises Monday and Wednesday as I walked to the park and ride. Even better, looking at the one this morning and thinking of Hu-Harek's obsession with light triggered ANOTHER Hu-Harek comic! And this one will be very easy compared to the t'DoL/Shado comic I need to find time to work on...
Tags: job: other, job: work, skyscapes
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