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What a blessing to have a two-day weekend at last! My first since back in December when I was visiting family.

     Pi Day Friday was fun--not as many pies as last year, I don't believe, but certainly around 20...and of course leftovers to take home and eat.

     Put the blessing of having an entire Saturday with no work and not having to go anywhere to good use, and got through the final checks for 'TFE' at LAST. Might have been one of my easiest/quickest novels to write, but it was certainly the hardest work to edit. It feels great to be finished. Added notices on my Portal Page and Stories Descriptions, and the .pdf is finally ready for anyone who's read the 5 Geren books and wants to read it.

     Followed up the blessing of Saturday by finishing the short story 't'ACm 405' on Sunday! It's been over 16 months since I wrote a short story, so it feels simply wonderful! Of course it needs editing too, but I won't rush, since it's a follow-up piece to 'TFE.' That brings me to 50 short stories or novellas listed in my Access database, and I thank God fervently for the blessing of getting to receive and write every single one of them.
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