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Hurrah for a payday Friday!

     Grateful for the internet again: there's been too many 'compressed data error' export errors since the big implementation, and they all seem to be big files (40+ pages) that have to printed out Thanks to the internet, I found there was a way to at least partially speed up the process: by dragging clumps of images into the printer queue at once.

     Had dinner with the Towners Tuesday night, and got to talk Pokemon and Totoro with their granddaughter Scarlet (who's on spring break this week). The nasty winter storm also meant I got to meet Joe's twin brother for the first time in many years, as he decided to spend the night rather than trying to make it back past St Cloud through the weather. So it was that I scored one of my 'top 3' possible compliments, because he kept remarking on how he'd have recognized me at once despite all the years between, and he thought I was around 11 when we last met.

     On Thursday night I succeeded with my first platelet donation of 2014. Due to the weather, had to take the bus partway, which meant I didn't get home until 10:30, but still beats getting back around midnight if I hadn't driven at all. The Red Cross persuaded me to try a double-needle donation again, and were very careful with my troublesome left arm...and it succeeded! If they can pull it off twice, they might have a strategy that will permit me to give more each time, and more frequently. =)
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