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A handful of little things:

     My boss very kindly gave me a card and a small pot with sprouting tulips last Friday, to thank me for my work and celebrate spring. It looks like they will start blooming in a few days!

     That $10 gift card to Trader Joe's I received from the downstairs supervisor got spent a few weeks ago. Half went for some yummy guacamole, but the other half I used on trying out something that looked good but was too pricy for me to buy normally: Trader Joe's Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread. I had that for lunch last!!! I now need to find excuses to buy it again...

     Off to a late start, but now that work has finally let up, I've finally been able to hash out most of my garden plans for this summer. I'm going with a blue, white, and cream color theme (last summer was fiery 'Changer' colors), and I'm excited to get into it. Hopefully what I learned last summer will help as well.

     It took a fair few hours spread out over a few days, but I finally got my Poser software upgraded (though I'm still one release behind) after having it sitting around for a good half a year waiting for me to find the time. They just HAD to reorganize the entire file structure, which made it a lot more work, but at least my chief figures are working fairly well, and I only lost a couple files that will be easy to recreate. I just have to screw up the nerve to tackle the Vue upgrade...
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