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Shouts · of · Joy

Lots of delights lately:      Thursday was…

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Lots of delights lately:

     Thursday was supposed to be a rainy day, but it turned into snow later on. I'm glad I got off at 4:30 for the first time in ages, as the bus ride home was really slow (which just gave more time to savor book 5 reading!). But by the time I got off the bus, the snow had turned into a really thick wet jumbo snow. Some of the clumps were longer than an inch, and I got splattered all the way home. What a treat!

     It has been such a blessing, with work being light for me of late, to get off at 5 every other day of the week. Such a treat to have 'long' evenings again! On one I had a blast doing a verbal read-through of 't'ACm 405' (except I didn't even try to imitate the sound of the Shado's mind-voice, only its growling, but everything else was fair game). On another I had a great long phone call with my dad, and on the last I was able to work out dates (birth, arrival, 'retirement', etc) for the cooks of Delarun (particularly those from Giria's time to Geren's time) so I won't have to worry about contradicting myself in the future. Also got a name for the cook between Ahril and Kirih, which was overdue. What a joy to have some time again!

     Saturday was a full fun day. Headed out around 8:30 for the big spring art show in Shakopee, and found a better route for my car as well. It was nice to wander around looking at everything, but I behaved myself too...spotted something that might be a good Christmas gift for my coworkers when the November show comes, did not find the sign I fell in love with last time (but at least I found the artist on Etsy after I got home), and restrained myself to only buying a lovely top and (of course) cheese curds.

     It was mid 40s out, so in the afternoon I walked to the movie theater to see Noah. Really pleased by the turnout, and really intrigued by the movie. My mind is going to be chewing over it for a while, no doubt, and I'll probably get out to see it again on my upcoming days off.

     In the evening I made a small start on the short story 'To Serve Unseen,' which is a Delarun side-story. It's one of those stories that takes a disproportionate amount of research and digging to write, but I'm really looking forward to sharing it. =)
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