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Hurrah for a beautiful weekend!

     Friday morning was gorgeous, thanks to the late (hopefully last) winter storm that came through. At least 4 inches of snow, not including what fell and melted. Everything was white and fresh and it looked like December had returned. The roads were bad Thursday evening and Friday morning, but that just meant more time for happy book 5 reading. I got to work and told my boss the White Witch had returned. ;)

     But spring is coming. It's been a treat to have noise in the mornings again: cardinals and robins singing, sometimes chickadees and blue jays as well, ducks quacking as they fly by, crows cawing, and the hoards of seagulls fleeing the oncoming storm. The bigger treat was my amazement at spotting two pairs of hooded mergansers in the tiny hardly-big-enough-to-be-called-a-pond I pass every day on my walks to and from the bus. Passing through on their migration to bigger and nicer places, but what a blessing that they stopped for the night right there!

     Getting back into the swing of things with short stories after my hiatus, as this time I finished up my Portal Page illustration for 'To Serve Unseen' while I'm still writing the story, rather than belatedly doing it after the fact, like with 't'ACm 405.'

     The reason I had to post today was that I had my first Performance Review with my new boss yesterday. I'd post excerpts from my PA here, except it would seem too much like bragging. But I am quite gratified with how the miseries of the winter are now recorded, and thrilled that once again I got an Exceeding Plus!!! (The only way to get 'Outstanding' is to save the company, and all I did was save my department. ;)
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